Flying M Feed Co houses an indoor hydroponic farm consisting of 5 Tower Gardens and one root veggie Trug where we grow organic produce, indoors, year-round, that is specifically safe and healthy for people AND pets! We harvest every 4-6 weeks and it's actually very exciting (of course we have a harvest celebration and champagne toast)! We put together a ProducePak (a co-op calls this a "share") specifically labeled with feeding and supplemental instructions for how to feed your pet, whether it's a rabbit or a large dog! And of course, you can eat it too!

Several customers have purchased their own hydroponic Tower Gardens and have their own in-home garden!  We offer an awesome payment plan to make it easy, and we will set it up for you and get you started.   We also have a club called The Tower Garden Social Club that meets online and in person..... join us and learn more about how cool it is to have your own hydroponic garden!

We have perfected the art of growing beautiful bountiful greens, lettuces of all types, and we are so happy to clip a bouquet to add to a customer's canine or human diets!

We harvest every 4 weeks, and once we have fed our fur-friends, we sell bouquets to people in the community.  We donate the rest to our local food pantry, who is always grateful to get beautiful fresh produce!

Our master hydroponic gardener can show you how to grow your own indoor garden, free from pests, weather concerns, and space constraints.  Even the worst plant-killing gardener can learn to be successful with our no-fail tower gardening system.  

Check our schedule for classes and talk to us anytime about purchasing your own tower garden.  We provide white glove assembly service when your tower arrives.  


We are located in NW Houston, but we love our customers who come visit from all parts of the city!

Come see why our Family-Owned store was named America's Coolest Pet Store and Pet Retailer of the Year!