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Horse & Feed Supplies in Houston, Texas

We are proud to support our local mill, Evans Farms Feed in Alvin, Texas. Three generations of the Evans Family operate their popular mill.

For Equine: 12-8 Pellet, Heavy Duty Mix (grain mix with a touch of molasses), Dry-Dry (4 grain mix, no molasses). Check out more of our supplies for horses below! We also carry a limited menu of Show Feeds.

For Rabbits: Pellets

Other Feed Supplies: Corn Chops, Whole Corn/ Deer Corn, Sweet All-Stock, Pot Belly Pig, Beet Pulp, Pine Shavings, Cedar Fiber Shavings, Pelleted Bedding

Horse Food & Supply Brands We Carry in Houston

At Flying M Feed & Pet Grocery we carry a healthy selection of Horse food brands at our Houston store. The brands below are in-stock and available. Give us a call at (832) 406-7580 if you'd like to speak with a member of our team.


We are located in NW Houston, but we love our customers who come visit from all parts of the city!

Come see why our Family-Owned store was named America's Coolest Pet Store and Pet Retailer of the Year!