I have a confession to make:  my heart and mind have changed when it comes to livestock.   I think I might be a totally reformed former cowgirl.

This started when we took our market steer Marvin to San Antonio a few years ago. He had been living with a heifer named Mia, and they were very strongly bonded.  When we came home without Marvin, Mia went into a deep depression that lasted several weeks.  I knew after that that I could never be part of raising another market animal.

But our business revolved heavily around others raising animals for market.  I have remained moderately conflicted about this and changed my diet to reflect where my heart was.  Full disclosure, I did re-introduce animal protein into my diet to aid in the management of diabetes.

This year, I received an invite to an upcoming livestock auction in a few weeks.  With the invite was a picture of the student's goat, who will be going to auction.  As soon as I saw the photo, I realized my heart and mind had indeed changed.  Though I have spent tens of thousands of dollars buying these market animals in the past, this year I will not be buying any animals.

Instead, I will support the students involved in horticulture and art projects.  

It's a huge shift and change, but for me, its the right choice.