About Us

The Flying M Feed Co. is a family owned business that began in 2012. We started as a very small show feed delivery company and have grown to the eclectic carefully curated collection of pet, bird, livestock, boutique, and creative items we have today! A destination store, people truly come from all over the state to visit with us, see the store, grab a cup of Code VI coffee, and listen to some Rockabilly music or watch a musical on the big screen. Come relax and do a craft in our Craft Collective or spend time in a pet nutrition consultation to determine the best feeding choice for your fur babies!
Our staff are all well trained experts in every area of the store, participating in our in-house "M-University" - where we are continuously growing, training, learning and striving to provide the best customer service possible. We love everyone on the team and consider each other "family"!
Flying M is known too for giving back to our community in all areas. We are best known for our contributions to the FFA clubs of area high schools in Spring Branch, Aldine, and Cy Fair school districts. We also enjoy blessing local pet rescues with many tons of dog food donations and event sponsorships. We also sponsor high school bands, drama clubs, drill teams, the arts in Houston, brain injury and cancer research, andiron profits supporting various social issues.
Trace Menchaca is a mentor and coach to other local business women and speaks to groups and at events upon request.

Meet Our Team


The Creative

Miss Trace, founder and family partner, LOVES helping customers find the best feeding and treating solutions for their pets, Pop in for a nutritional consult with her and you'll leave loaded with samples, freebies and peace of mind in what you are feeding your fur babies. (appointments preferred for nutrition consults but not required). If she's not in the store, she might be in New York City finding inspiration for her next big window display. 


The Voice of Reason

Mike, co founder and family partner, is a dashing journalist and cameraman for ABC News, but every chance he gets, he's in the store making customers feel welcome. His strongest skill is pouring mimosas for our Craft Collective customers or Modern Farmgirls. He loves to tell jokes, and is the friendliest person you'll ever meet!



Max is a family partner and is our business conscience and heartbeat. He keeps us on track and accountable in every area of the store.  He loves collecting our staff t-shirts.  A quiet guy, when he talks we listen because he has a lot of great ideas!  Max is an avid Astros fan and season ticket holder, and attends Sam Houston State University. He has a dog named Brodie who looks like a mini-rottweiler!


In Charge of Everything

Lea Pearl is a family partner and keeps all things running smoothly administratively for the staff. She owns her own livestock company and is a student at Sam Houston State University. She is bffs with Kass and has a giant King Shepherd dog who she calls CarCar. Lea is literally the funniest person in the world. If you're lucky enough to see Lea while you are in the store you'll leave happy because her bubbly personality is contagious!



The glue that holds the office together

Mimi is our office administrator and handles all of the business administration for the store. She does a little bit of everything and we couldn't live without her!  She is literally Max and Lea's mimi and loves working with us a few days a week.  It's pretty cool having three generations of women in the store, keeping all these guys in line!



Managing Buyer

Nathan is our buyer on the pet side and travels to buying shows and interacts with all brand and distributor reps. Nathan's input is essential in curating the best and most current products available in the pet industry. Nathan is available for pet nutrition consultations by request. Appointments preferred but not required.



2018 Employee of the Year Future Sportscaster and Best Dressed Employee

Just when we get tired of seeing Nathan in basketball shorts, Bailey walks in in perfectly cuffed skinny jeans and an astros jersey. Bailey is always friendly and will help you find whatever you are looking for with a smile and his famous future-anchorman-voice. He's another reason we have lots of pretty girls shopping in the store.



They patrol the store and make sure we never see a mouse.  If you do not like cats, don't make it known or they won't leave you alone.


Trevor Stiles

Mr. T

We call him Mr. T because we pity the fool who goes up against this guy- he’s pretty much a badass.  Awesome baseball player, fluent in sign language, polite, super funny, helpful, always hardworking.  He’s the popular guy in school that everyone loves.  Basically a modern day Ferris Bueller.  He is also moderately, to somewhat-moderately annoying, a total spaz, eats more than anyone could think possible.  If he were a dog he’d be a lab.... quirky but lovable!   Of the 3 Stiles brothers who have worked for us, we suspect he might be his parents’ favorite! 

Colonoscopy Wayne Icenhower

“Cole” for short
This wierdo is the baby in the Flying M family. Only 17, he struggles greatly with understanding what a closed-toe shoe is.....which doesn’t really matter because he only owns Birks anyway. At 6’5, he also insists on wearing lululemon short shorts, and luckily for him, we operate a judgement free zone of acceptance. Cole is the smiliest, happiest guy we have ever met, but oddly enough has a VERY angry a-hole sounding phone voice....so heads-up if you call the store! He’s working on it though, every day actually since he’s apparently done with school now thanks to this goddamn virus!


We are located in NW Houston, but we love our customers who come visit from all parts of the city!

Come see why our Family-Owned store was named America's Coolest Pet Store and Pet Retailer of the Year!